Star Trek Chronological Order

I've listed here all Star Trek television episodes and movies of the original timeline by the order in which they occur. For time travel episodes, it's listed from the point of view of the crew. Note that Deep Space Nine takes place concurrently with The Next Generation and Voyager.
  1. Enterprise seasons 1-4
  2. The Original Series seasons 1-3
  3. The Animated Series seasons 1-2
  4. The Motion Picture
  5. The Wrath of Khan
  6. The Search for Spock
  7. The Voyage Home
  8. The Final Frontier
  9. The Undiscovered Country
  10. The Next Generation series finale*
  11. The Next Generation seasons 1-5
  12. The Next Generation season 6 & Deep Space 9 season 1
  13. The Next Generation season 7 & Deep Space 9 season 2
  14. Enterprise series finale**
  15. Generations
  16. Deep Space 9 season 3 & Voyager season 1
  17. Deep Space 9 season 4 & Voyager season 2
  18. First Contact
  19. Deep Space 9 season 5 & Voyager season 3
  20. Deep Space 9 season 6 & Voyager season 4
  21. Insurrection
  22. Deep Space 9 season 7 & Voyager season 5
  23. Voyager seasons 6-7
  24. Nemesis
  25. The Next Generation series finale*
*Takes place at three different points in time simultaneously
**Told in flashback


  1. Why do you have the next generation series finale twice

    1. It's a time travel episode. I explained that in the post.

    2. It's a different style of time travel than most other time travel episodes. Instead of the entire crew experiencing it before one episode and after another, everyone except Picard's mind (not his body) is experiencing it at three different points in time. It's a tad confusing

    3. So which 1 is part 1 and part 2

    4. The story flips back and forth between past, present, and future. So all of them.

  2. So do I have to watch tngs finale twice

    1. I mean, you can if you want

    2. Most people just watch it after the rest of season seven