Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Dark Universe Loses Director

Director Doug Liman has left DC's Dark Universe movie. He apparently had schedule conflicts with another recently-greenlit project. Meetings with other potential directors have already started.

Wynonna Earp S1 Blu-ray

The season one Blu-ray of Wynonna Earp is finally being made available for sale. Interestingly enough, it's being distributed through IndieGoGo, with various bonus extras depending on how much you pay. The basic, just the disc set version costs $30, although there are 75 "early bird" copies available for $5 off. $40 gets you a Wynonna Earp comic book as well, with 75 early bird $5 off discounts. For $65, you get the Blu-ray, comic book, and a 48-page 10x10" picture book signed by showrunner Emily Andras. Only 1,000 are available. Another package includes the disc set, comic, and a replica of Wynonna's necklace for $75. There are 45 of these available. The "It's Getting #WayHaught" package includes the Blu-ray, comic, and a 8x10" photo signed by Waverly and Nicole for $125. For $350, 20 fans can get the Blu-ray, comic, a second comic signed by Tim Rozon, and a personalized video message from him. 15 really dedicated fans (which you would have to be to spend this much) can get the Blu-ray, comic, an appearance as a villain in a comic by Beau Smith, and 25 signed copies of said comic for $1,000.

They also have some options for fans who want to go to SDCC this year. For $250, 50 people can get the Blu-ray, comic, and a ticket to the Wynonna Earp party at the convention. For $750, 10 people get that plus lunch with the cast. For $3,000 five people can get to man (or woman) the IDW booth. They get the Blu-ray, comic, necklace, signed picture book, 8x10" signed photo, party ticket, a tour of IDW office, lunch with the cast, and one-day badge to the convention as part of the IDW staff. The first two options do not include con badges, but you don't need them to attend the party.

All prices do not include shipping and are available here.

"Finish Line" Clip

Here's some clips from the Flash finale.

Multi-Doctor Comic Adventure Coming

Titan Comics has revealed to CBR that they are crossing over the 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th Doctors for a special event starting this August. Titled "The Lost Dimension," the 8-part story will see the Doctor fighting to save the universe from being swallowed by the void.

The Last Jedi Vanity Fair Covers

The latest covers of Vanity Fair offer a new look at the cast of The Last Jedi. Expect more info when the magazine goes on sale tomorrow.