Saturday, August 18, 2012

Doctor Who Future Continuity

So here's my guess for when we're going to find out all the answers to the questions from Series 5 & 6.

As for the importance of the Doctor's name, I think that's going to be explained in Series 7, Part 1. I think this because the Ponds are probably going to be demanding an explanation as to why the Silence want to kill the Doctor. The Doctor will reveal something to them, I'm just not sure if he'll give them the full explanation. If we don't find out then, I think Clara is not going to know anything about this until the 50th Anniversary Specials. At that point there will definitely be a full explanation of why the Silence want to kill the Doctor and why his name is so important. That is the latest date I see this happening. Heck, even if it does get explained to the Ponds, Clara is going to need her own explanation and that's probably going to be the more detailed one.

As for the TARDIS exploding, I think that's definitely going to be explained in Series 7, Part 1. This is just because it's long overdue (I don't think it was ever mentioned at all in Series 6), and Clara is never going to bring it up. The Doctor would have to bring it up in the context of the Silence's other plots, assuming of course it was them at all (see my theory about the Time Lords being behind it). The Ponds would have to bring it up, just because it needs to be brought up by someone because we still don't have a proper explanation.

Some of our questions about River Song may never be answered. She's intended to be this mysterious character, and I think she's going to stay this way. If we know everything about her, that will take away some of the point of the character, and that would have to be the point where they write her out.

Trenzalore and the fall of the eleventh are probably going to take place at the end of Series 8. Moffat is probably going to employ reverse reverse psychology and have "the fall of the eleventh" be exactly what it sounds like, the 11th Doctor's regeneration. Based on current evidence which states that Matt Smith is still going to be here in 2014, I'm guessing he's leaving at the end of Series 8. At that point, the whole Series 5-8 story arc will be wrapped up and the Silence will be no more. Series 9 will feature the introduction of the 12th Doctor and the departure of Clara. Clara's replacement will be introduced either part way through Series 9 or at the beginning of Series 10.

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