Sunday, August 5, 2012

So yeah, this happened last night

You might want to change it to be part of Season 7. To do that, navigate to the episode in iTunes (it'll be under TV Shows in the left-hand pane then in season 2 of Doctor Who). Right click and hit "get info". Click on the video tab at the top of the window that appears. Change the Season number to 7. Then change the Episode ID. iTunes sorts alphabetically by Episode ID within the season. I changed it to 201. You could also change it to 15. Don't keep it at 1, because then there will be two items with that ID (the other will be Asylum of the Daleks). Don't change it to 101 because that will probably be Prequel to Asylum of the Daleks or some other freebie and we don't know how many freebies there will be. You'll want to go to the info tab and change the track number to the same number as the episode id (unless of course you used a word for the episode ID). This is the number that is displayed in the left hand column in the season.

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