Sunday, September 30, 2012

Doctor Who Future Continuity Revised Theory

So here is a revised version of this post containing my theory for the future of Doctor Who.

I think in the Series 7 finale, Clara is going to meet the Silence. At this point, the Doctor is only going to explain that they are a religious organization out to kill him. In the 50th Anniversary Specials, they're going to go up against them again, and this time there is going to be a full explanation of everything. We're going to learn why his name is so important. Also, at some point during the specials, we're going to learn who blew up the TARDIS. I still think it might be the Time Lords. Of course it could always be the Silence's first attempt to kill him, but they didn't understand the consequences or destroying the TARDIS. I think this is what Moffat is trying to lead us to believe, seeing how the Silence were mentioned throughout Series 5, regardless of whether it's true.

Again, I doubt we are going to learn everything about River. If we do, that's when she'll leave, because she'll stop being the mysterious figure from the Doctor's future, which is the entire point of her character.

The events of the Fields of Trenzalore are still going to take place at the end of Series 8, when the Doctor regenerates. The will see the conclusion of the Series 5–8 story arc. Series 9 will feature the introduction of the 12th Doctor and a new story arc. Clara will leave at the end of Series 9, and Series 10 will feature the introduction of another companion. I think River is going to be there when Clara leaves, just because in The Angels Take Manhattan, when the Doctor found out Amy was going to leave, River said she knew that face. River knew the face the Doctor makes when he loses someone, and since she wasn't there at any of the previous companion departures, it has to be a future one. Of course, a different Doctor might make an entirely different face, so who knows.

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