Sunday, September 2, 2012

Jenna-Louise's Character(s): What We Don't Know


Here is a list of things we don't know about Jenna-Louise Coleman's character(s)

  1. Is the one in Asylum of the Daleks the same one that will appear starting in the Christmas special?
  2. If they are different characters, what is the Christmas special one's name? (Clara is only a rumor)
  3. If they are different characters, what is the connection between them?
  4. If they are the same character, did she escape or are we going to meet her earlier in her timestream?
  5. Does Oswin really die in Asylum?
  6. If Asylum is the end of her travels with the Doctor, and the Christmas special is the beginning, why didn't she recognize him?
  7. Why did I never realize how sexy she is until now?
  8. Why didn't the Doctor rescue her? He could have used the chameleon arch to change her back.
  9. If the Daleks were in hibernation, how did they capture her?
  10. After a year of making souffl├ęs, why can't she get them right?
  11. Why did she go underground instead of to the surface to set up a signal?
  12. Is it just me or is she the sexiest character yet?
  13. Why does she have a guy's name?

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