Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Jenna Was Not Originally Intended to Play Oswin

So according to the following video, Moffat did not choose to make Jenna play Oswin until they were casting for the new companion.

Apparently, Moffat did not decide to make Oswin and Clara be played by the same actress until part way through casting. These would seem to suggest that the original scripts make them out to be separate characters. However, Moffat could have changed the scripts afterward or there could be something in Series 8 or 9 about it.

I'm all up for Clara leaving at the end of Series 9 (which I want to introduce Doctor #12). She could end up losing her memory while with the Doctor, then he leaves and she takes a new identity and eventually joins the starship Alaska. The similarity between the two characters might never be mentioned on screen if neither of them knows about it.

Stay tuned for my Ultimate Jenna Theory post this weekend.

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