Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Random Spoilers From Episode 7

Courtesy of Doctor Who TV, Doctor Who Spoilers, and Twitter.

Doctor: I like your house!
Clara: It’s not mine -- I just work there.
Doctor: Oh, yes! You look after the children, you’re a governess! Just like -- Um. Just like…
Clara: Just like what?
Doctor: Just like I thought you would be … ! But this isn’t exactly a career choice, why here?
Clara: Well, my Mum died, I had no ties, no plans, so why not?
Doctor: People always have plans.
Clara: What’s your plan?
Doctor: It’s the internet. Wifi. There’s wifi everywhere around us. We are living in a wifi soup. But, imagine. If there was something in it. Something living in the wifi. Harvesting human minds, copying them, editing them. A million souls, trapped like flies in the World Wide Web, all crying out.
Clara: Isn’t that basically Twitter?
Doctor: Yes. Sentient Twitter! Hold on… (inaudible) … And you just made a joke about Twitter?!
[Something happens behind them]
Clara: Is it the wifi? Is the wifi switching the lights on?
Doctor: No, the people are switching on the lights. The wifi is switching on the people!
Doctor: You and me -- in the box! Now!
Clara: What? Together? Why?
Doctor: You’ll understand once we’re inside.
Clara: I bet I will!
Doctor: [shocked] Clara! Please!
Clara: Why do you have a box anyway? What’s in there?
Doctor: Clara! … [whispers] Clara, look… behind you!
BOOM. BOOM. BOOM. BOOM. [Director shouts this, as The Doctor and Clara look to different areas. A shadowed man is standing in the distance.]
Clara: What are they?
Doctor: A walking base station. You saw it earlier.
Clara: I saw a little girl.
Doctor: Of course! Active camouflage! They drew an image from your subconscious and bounced it right back at you! … In the box, now!

The Doctor: “Clara! Clara! Ha! It’s me. Demonked! I’m wearing sensible clothes! Can I come in?”
Clara: “Where am I? Please tell me. I don’t know where I am. Where am I? Please tell me. I don’t know where I am… [she keeps repeating]“

The Doctor: "Hello! Are you alright?".
Clara: "I'm in bed...I don't remember going though"

Clara: "Are you guarding me?! Are you seriously going to sit down there all night?!"

  • There's a creepy little girl in a nightdress
  • At one point she had a greenscreen hat on
  • At another point the Doctor rushes into the house, up the stairs, waving the sonic screwdriver, shouting "Clara! Clara!"

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