Saturday, October 6, 2012

The Case For a Captain Jack–11th Doctor Episode

So it's been over a year since Captain Jack graced the screens of television in Torchwood: Miracle Day. It's also been almost three years since he last appeared in Doctor Who in The End of Time, Part 2. I think it's about fair time he made a return, and here's why.

During the Moffat era, not one mention or appearance of any RTD era companion has been made in Doctor Who. The only companions who wouldn't need a fair bit of finagling to bring back are Martha and Jack. I really don't want to bring Martha back, seeing as she's rather overused in Doctor Who. After her initial departure, she's been brought back multiple times, and never really did anything. She's kind of a useless character in my opinion. She served no useful purpose in either of her appearances in Series 4. Jack has actually accomplished something in each of his appearances.

Jack would be good when the Master returns. The Master is just about the most cunning villain out there, and Jack has exactly the right type of military training to go up against him. I'd love to see Jack's reaction to the fact that the Master is still alive; I think Jack would just try to outright kill him on the spot. Jack and Clara could go off and deal with one thing, while River and the Doctor could deal with another, and both pairs of characters could just flirt endlessly (I think Jack is actually Clara's dad).

Jack is immortal, I'm sure that someone could make an entire storyline out of an immortal character. I actually like to think that the Silence's first attempt to prevent the Doctor from answering The Question was to kill the person who's asking it. Obviously that person outwitted all their attempts, and the Silence viewed it as easier to kill the Doctor. If they can figure out a way to kill someone with the cunning of the Doctor, I'm sure they could figure out a way of killing anyone. Just not someone who can't be killed at all, like Jack. So therefore, I think it's Jack who's asking The Question.

Moreover, with Torchwood on hiatus for the foreseeable future, this could be our only shot at seeing the character in the next year or so. They might even be able to work in a cameo from Gwen Cooper, but I don't want one episode of Doctor Who substituting in for an entire season of Torchwood. Torchwood still needs to make a return, but in the meantime, John Barrowman should totally team up with Matt Smith for an episode.

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