Sunday, October 14, 2012

Things I'd Like to See in Series 7.2/8

Here are some things I'd like to see in the next season and a half

  • Captain Jack and the Torchwood team
  • The Master
  • A Sherlock crossover (could actually happen in Series 3 of that show)
  • The Ice Warriors (they'd be good to see with modern special effects)
  • K-9
  • A meta-reference/breaking the fourth wall
  • More story arcs (I for one, actually enjoy them)
  • An explanation for why the TARDIS exploded in Series 5
  • Doctor/Master scene (straight or lesbian versions only, though)
  • An entire episode taking place inside the TARDIS
  • The TARDIS kitchen (that is the room I seriously want to see the most)
  • Jelly babies (the Doctor discovers his stash that got lost when the TARDIS rearranged itself sometime prior to Series 1)
  • Trenzalore (I don't want to wait any longer than Series 8 for this whole story arc to end)
  • Clara doesn't fall for the Doctor because she's lesbian (we need a companion who doesn't love the Doctor for that reason) 
  • Donna gets her memories back

NOTE: This does not include the 50th Anniversary Special(s)

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