Wednesday, December 12, 2012

2013 Details in Doctor Who Magazine

The new issue of Doctor Who Magazine reveals that Series 7, Part 2 will not air until April, along with some other exciting clues
  • Episode 7: "A proper urban thriller, starring a man in a frock coat and a bow tie and quiff from space!"
  • Episode 8: "Set on an alien planet, an 'epic, overwhelming, boiling, red-orange planet'. The brief was: 'You know how the Doctor always promises amazing, awesome wonders to his companions, then gets them stuck down a tunnel being attacked my mutant slugs. Let’s deliver some awesome and amazing!'"
  • Episode 9: "Mark Gatiss is about to explode fanboy hearts. This is a cracker of an episode, in the grand tradition."
  • Episode 10: "Spooky and clever and even a little bit romantic."
  • Episode 11: "Journey to the Center of the TARDIS! Will do what it says on the tin."
  • Episode 12: "A title to die for. Tread carefully, there are some dreadful things in there!"
  • Episode 13: "Gaiman’s new spine-chiller. You already know there are Cybermen – what you don’t know is there is something else. A Cyber-something else. They are disgusting."
  • Episode 14: "'One that will thrill you a bit, and worry you more. Yes, I think you’ll be just a tiny bit worried where we might be going with this one. I’d say more, but then you’d be less worried, and frankly, what’s the point in that?' Vastra, Jenny and Strax return."
  • 50th Anniversary: "'A love letter to the fans, and an absolute romp and a thrill to the casual viewer.'"
  • The 50th Anniversary is set to begin filming in April

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