Sunday, December 23, 2012

Countdown to Christmas - A Christmas Carol Review

A Christmas Carol marks the beginning of the Steven Moffat Christmas Specials. I don't like his Christmas Specials as much as Davies' due to the fact that he bases them off existing Christmas tales. For most shows, that would have the effect of creating a very Christmasy story, but with Doctor Who, that doesn't really happen. The stories are too sci-fi to retain most of their Christmasy feel. I also feel that Doctor Who is a strong enough show to not have to steal plots from other writers.

Putting aside the discrimination and moving on to the actual merits of the show, A Christmas Carol is a very good romp that puts aside all the story arcs and continuity and just lets you enjoy the show. We had just gotten off a very arc-intensive season, and before going into another season with an even more complex story arc, we get to sit back and relax with this episode. There's no mention of any of the events of the previous season, no hints of the next, no story arcs or continuity whatsoever. The viewer doesn't have to worry about that they can just enjoy the episode without having to think about it.

I feel like having Abigail turn out to be terminally ill was a brilliant idea by Steven Moffat. The Doctor is lead to believe that his efforts have failed and that Kazran still grew up to be a bitter old man, when he was actually saving the love of his life. The Doctor becomes ever more desperate trying to save Amy and Rory, while Kazran continually dismisses them. It is only when he realizes how much like his father he is that Kazran agrees to let Abigail die so that the starliner can land safely. It kind of shows how powerful the force of love is, and that it can prevail over even the Christmas spirit. It's only his fear of himself that allows Kazran to overcome his love and save the people on the starliner.

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