Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Countdown to Christmas - The Christmas Invasion Review

The Why Run to the TARDIS Countdown to Christmas begins with the review of The Christmas Invasion.

The story serves as a good introduction to the tenth Doctor. We get to discover his personality just as he discovers it himself. We also get to see for the first time in the new series the reaction of characters to regeneration. Rose thinks the new Doctor abandoned her, not quite understanding the stress of regeneration. When he finally stands up to the Sycorax, all the characters are relieved, seeing that the Doctor has not abandoned them after all.

The storyline was a first-rate Doctor Who one. With the alien ship over London, all of humanity hanging in the balance, the royal family at stake, and a scary-looking new alien species, it has all the hallmarks of a good Doctor Who story. The characters were top-notch, too. Their personalities were believable, Harriet Jones was behaving as we would expect in office, and the Sycorax were just a ruthless enemy.

The story also introduces a new bit of Time Lord biology, that being that Time Lords can heal themselves after regeneration. That was a good touch, and also features into the storylines of the next three seasons.

Overall, this is my third-favorite Christmas story.

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