Saturday, December 22, 2012

Countdown to Christmas - The End of Time Review

The End of Time is one of my top four Doctor Who stories of all time. It has it all: the Master, the Time Lords, the Time War, Daleks, Torchwood, the Ood, regeneration, Gallifrey, Wilf, Donna, Sylvia, Rose, Jackie, Martha, Mickey, Captain Jack, a possible explanation for the Series 5 story arc, and even Midshipman Alonso Frame. It's about as epic as it gets.

The story couldn't possibly get any more epic. It starts out with an epic enough villain, the Master. In the final seconds of part one, and even more epic part is revealed: the involvement of the Time Lords. After over four and half years of wondering, we finally get to find out how the Time War ended and why the Doctor was the only Time Lord to survive. It was hinted as far back as The Sound of Drums that the Doctor was the one who ended the war, but now we find that out for sure. We finally learn why the war ended the way it did, and of course it doesn't get any more epic than saving every other lifeform in the multiverse. And then, to top off all that epicness, we get to peak at all the companions so far in the new series.

The Doctor knows from the beginning that the Master is important in the destruction of time that the Ood foresaw. His first thought is to find the Master and keep close to him whatever happens. This isn't just because he knows that the events of the episode center around the Master. The Doctor has already become the last Time Lord three times, and he doesn't want it to happen a fourth time, he wants to protect the Master. He may or may not have homosexual feelings for the Master, he just hates the feeling of becoming the last member of his species. Despite his attempts to save the Master, in the end, he is let down. He even thinks he's saved himself from his fate, but he's let down from that as well. He's more let down in this episode than he ever has been in his entire life.

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