Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Most Heartbreaking Part of the Time War

Okay, here's the thing about the Time War: the Doctor never acts alone. He always has a companion. Surely the Time War must have been no different. He must have had an accomplice in his conspiracy against the High Council. He must have had someone who was planning on helping him who would have gotten out alive with him.

Obviously, no such person survived the Time War with the Doctor. Even if he didn't have an accomplice helping him against the High Council, there must surely have been that one person who he was planning on saving. Be it his wife, his daughter, his brother or sister, Susan, Romana, whoever it was, he obviously couldn't save them. Something went wrong. Either they were attacked by the Daleks or captured by agents of the High Council. Whatever happened to them, the Doctor tried to save them, but couldn't. He had to continue his plan alone. He couldn't even save someone else instead. There wasn't enough time. He had to activate the moment and leave Gallifrey alone. I think that's the real reason the Doctor was so sad after the war, because he couldn't save anyone.

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