Friday, March 22, 2013

The Great Intelligence Returns!

Spoilerphobes beware!

The BBC has released the full cast list for The Bells of Saint John and it includes Richard E. Grant as the Great Intelligence, which is very curious, since he technically played Dr. Simeon. The Intelligence was voiced by Ian McKellan. Perhaps it has found corporeal form, or perhaps this is just a mistake.

Cast list: (courtesy of Doctor Who TV)
  • The Doctor – Matt Smith
  • Clara – Jenna-Louise Coleman
  • Miss Kizlet – Celia Imrie
  • Mahler – Robert Whitlock
  • Alexei- Dan Li
  • Nabile – Manpreet Bachu
  • Paul – Sean Knopp
  • The Abbott – James Greene
  • George – Geff Francis
  • Angie – Eve de Leon Allen
  • Artie Kassius – Carey Johnson
  • Little Girl – Danielle Eames
  • Barista – Fred Pearson
  • Waitress – Jade Anouka
  • Newsreader – Olivia Hill
  • Child Reading with Comic – Isabella Blake-Thomas
  • Man with Chips – Matthew Earley
  • Pilot – Antony Edridge
  • The Great Intelligence – Richard E. Grant

This does confirm what I've been thinking for some time now that the Great Intelligence is behind the events of this episode. I mean, it fits its MO (Method of Operations). It's a disembodied mind, floating in some host (in this case, the Wi-Fi), draining people of their mind, then taking them over.

UPDATE: The BBC have since removed the offending spoiler from their page.

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