Sunday, April 28, 2013

Doctor Who Future Continuity - Revision 2

So all of my speculation as to the future of the show appears to have been rendered moot by recent developments. I'm going to attempt to continue speculating based on new evidence.

So it appears now that the Fields of Trenzalore and all that good stuff is going to take place in the Series 7 finale. Moffat has already confirmed that "a lot of loose ends are going to be tied up." That probably means the Series 5, 6, & 7 story arcs are going to be concluded.

The 50th anniversary is probably going to raise some brand new question that the Doctor's going to have to answer (my money's on "who brought the Time Lords back to life?"). My guess it that the Christmas Special is going to touch on the subject, but is going to be more of an aside. I'm also guessing it's going to end in a cliffhanger that has the Doctor discovering some key piece of evidence, then rushing off to investigate it in Series 8.

Since filming on the Christmas Special isn't scheduled to begin until September, when we get Series 8 depends on whether they start filming that immediately after. If they begin filming of Series 8 immediately afterward, we might just get 13 episodes in a row starting in August. Alternately, we could get several episodes in spring and several more in fall (like Series 6). If they delay filming, we'll probably get a repeat of 2012/2013.

I still think Series 8 is going to be the final season of Matt Smith. He's more than likely going to regenerate in the series finale. That would actually make him the third longest-running Doctor of all time (after Tom Baker and Jon Pertwee). If he made it into Series 9 (which is unlikely) he'd be tied with Pertwee for second place. I really, really want him to be replaced by a woman, but that has almost no chance of happening (unless they hire me to replace Moffat).

Series 9 is probably going to serve as the introduction to the twelfth Doctor and the end to Clara's run. Series 10 will introduce a new companion to replace her.

This post is a revised version of this one.

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