Monday, April 22, 2013

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I really like it when Doctor Who tackles a new drama, which in this case is a ghost story. I mean, only in Doctor Who can you have a sci-fi show that does other dramas, and does them quite legitimately. Where else are you going to get your average sci-fi villain of the week, but also time-traveling ghosts, shadow-monster horror stories, and a proper murder mystery complete with Agatha Christie? Neil Cross did a really excellent job of creating a ghost story without actually having to provide an explanation for how ghosts can exist, just working it into the sci-fi.

I do like how the story turned out not only to be a ghost story, but also a love story on multiple levels. Not only did you have the romance between Emma and Alec, but there was the romance between the Broken Man and Broken Woman. They evened continued to hint at the underlying romantic feelings between the Doctor and Clara (which I am very jealous of).

Sexy really doesn't seem to like Clara. She picked out an image of Clara and used it to imply that she is self-centered and egotistical, which she isn't. She's a very kind and caring person, one who doesn't stop being kind because she's too busy being impressed by the Doctor. There's that scene where she isn't at all impressed by seeing 11 billions years of history in ten minutes, but instead cares that the human race must seem like ghosts to the Doctor.

I don't get how you can have a subset of the Eye of Harmony. The Eye is the nucleus of a black hole, it's a small point of infinitely high density and enormous gravitational force. It's not going to be this small blue crystal, that you can pick up and carry around. It'd be too heavy to lift, it'd weigh more than the Earth. It also wouldn't glow, though black holes do give off Hawking Radiation, but I'm not sure that's blue.

Also, how on earth did Matt mess up the pronunciation of Metebelis 3? It's meta-BEElis, not meh-TEBuhlus. And how did the director and everyone else not catch this? I mean, have they never watched seasons 10 and 11 of the classic series? And how did the Doctor get it wrong? What the hell happened?

Another thing I couldn't figure out is why the Broken Woman managed to cross over from the pocket universe, but Hila couldn't. It managed to cross over completely, while she could only press through as an image.

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