Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Ultimate Jenna Theory - Revision 2

Unfortunately, not much new information has come to light regarding Clara's identity since my last post in December. I just wanted to make another revision of my theory before they made it really obvious/revealed it.

There have been a number of theories floating about with explanations as to who Clara is, such as CAL (from Silence in the Library/Forest of the Dead), Captain Jack's daughter, Susan, Romana, Rose and 10.5's daughter, etc. Most of these have the flaw that they don't explain how she died twice without undergoing any sort of regeneration. The Captain Jack's daughter theory would explain the part about coming back without changing appearance, but it doesn't explain how she doesn't remember him. About the only way that could work is if she first meets him in Bells and the other two are only pretending not to have met him.

A more likely explanation is that each of them is a completely separate version who are all clones/duplicates of some original. Since we now know that Clara 3 has actual parents who gave birth to her that seems to rule out her being a flesh avatar/Nestene duplicate. The other two versions could be copies, with the current one being the original. They were planted in different time periods by someone (such as the Silence, the Master, or River Song) in order to serve as a trap/attract the Doctor's attention. She could be a trap by the Silence or she could just be the Master or River's attempt to contact the Doctor since he never answers his phone. Seriously, River could have been so desperate to get the Doctor's attention, that she cloned his companion and planted the clones where she knew he would find them so he would meet the companion and somehow end up with River.

One possible hint is that series producer Marcus Wilson challenged fans to find out Clara's real identity, saying there was a red herring that everyone's going to get caught on. This seems to suggest that whatever these next five episodes suggest, that's not the explanation.

I also still like my theory about the White Guardian. Basically, the White Guardian wants the Doctor to live to reach some point in his future, some sort of important event. He first creates Oswin in the Asylum so the Doctor can get out of there alive (which he didn't originally). Then after the Doctor goes to Victorian London to mope for all eternity, the White Guardian creates a Clara there to cheer the Doctor up. He allows her to die, but not without planting hints that the Doctor will see that she and Oswin are the same girl. He knows the Doctor will then go to seek her out and continue traveling the universe and eventually reach his destiny.

I still don't know what to make of all the roses, the missing years, and the color red. All I can think of is Rose Tyler and the fact that both Amy and Donna have red hair. Or maybe the fact that the Doctor has always wanted red hair. Perhaps we're going to keep seeing red themes until Matt Smith regenerates into a ginger. As for the missing years, that might turn out to be a red herring. There are also the other two references to Rose Tyler, the car that almost killed Clara's father (which was almost identical to the one that killed Rose's dad) and the death date of Clara's mother (May 5th, 2005, the same date Rose met the Doctor). These could be pointing to a connection between Clara and Rose or they could simply be foreshadowing Rose's return in the 50th.

Rose could actually be returning even sooner. The episode synopsis for the finale, released by BBC Entertainment, said that all of the Doctor's friends are being kidnapped. That could just be Clara, Jenny, Vastra, and Strax or it could be also include Amy, Rory, River, Donna, Martha, Rose, and Jack. Some of these actors have denied involvement in the 50th anniversary, but none of them have denied involvement in Series 7.

Back on topic, there could definitely be some sort of Bad Wolf connection. The TARDIS apparently doesn't like Clara, and it didn't like Jack, either, because of his immortality. Clara could end up being a creation of the Bad Wolf as well. Just look out for the words "bad wolf" in the coming episodes.

So there you have it, my three theories for Clara's existence: trap, White Guardian, and Bad Wolf. Feel free to comment below with your opinions.

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