Thursday, May 9, 2013

John Hurt Plays the Valeyard?

A recent article from the Eastern Daily Press has stated that John Hurt "plays 'part of the Doctor' in a 'kind of trinity' which includes David Tennant." My guess is that's the evil part that we saw in Trial of a Time Lord.

As a recap, in that sixth Doctor adventure, which encompassed a whole season (season 23), the Doctor is put on trial by the Time Lords as part of a plot by the Valeyard to steal the Doctor's remaining regenerations. The Valeyard turns out to be an evil version of the Doctor's future self, created sometime between his twelfth and final regenerations. The Doctor defeats him, but the Valeyard survives.

I've always wanted the Valeyard to come back, and I think he'd be the perfect villain for show's fiftieth anniversary. It would look to the past (be it only a single season), while simultaneously looking to the future and allowing us to envision a whole new enemy. It would also make the anniversary very Doctor-centric and a very personal fight to the Doctor, since he's fighting himself.

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  1. It would only make sense since he was talking about what he already did and that normally The Doctor isn't allowed to travel within his own timeline. Not to mention that if you look at the original Valeyard and John Hurt they look extremely similar!


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