Friday, May 3, 2013

Journey to the Center of the TARDIS Review

The beginning of the story is rather confusing to me. The TARDIS is brought onboard with the magna-grab, and the Doctor somehow ends up underneath her beneath a big pile of scrap. He somehow managed to get thrown out of the TARDIS, but Clara gets thrown out clear into some hallways. She somehow ends up deep enough inside that she doesn't know the way out and gets lost trying to find the Doctor. And then, the Doctor manages to climb out from under the pile of scrap very quickly, without making a sound, and without shifting it.

I have a feeling that the theme of "nothing is ever forgotten, not truly" will come into play here. This is foreshadowed when Gregor says he "still has a tiny scrap of decency" left. I think at some point in the next three episodes Clara is going to remember either the Doctor's name or the part about her dying twice before.

I noticed how the umbrella in the memories room (which is supposed to be the one used by the 7th Doctor) is the same as the one Mycroft uses in Sherlock. The BBC just can't be bothered to buy enough props, so they end up reusing them, and you get amusing things like this (and the waving cat in Planet of the Dead, Night Terrors, and Sherlock).

I wished we had seen more of the swimming pool, it looked massive. Maybe we can see it in a future episode (and get a look-see at Clara in a bikini while we're at it). Also, I was wondering whether the windows in the room with the telescope are real. Do those look out through the windows in the exterior of the TARDIS, or are those just screens? Screens would be cool, because then you could simulate the night sky from any vantage point in the universe at any point in history without actually having to go there.

One bit of math I would like addressed is when the Doctor said the TARDIS was infinite. Even with Time Lord technology, assuming the TARDIS was grown at a finite rate, it would still take an infinite amount of time to grow a structure that large. There is the possibility that it was grown at an infinite rate or that the Doctor was exaggerating, but still.

Type 40 TARDIi appear to have several systems in place to protect their occupants. I mean there's the partial materialization in The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith, the time loop in The Big Bang, and now all this stuff. Throughout the entire episode, Sexy was trying to protect the Doctor and his friends. She redirected them into the control room, and froze the exploding engines in time. She's either programmed to protect her pilot at all costs, or is in love with the Doctor and doesn't want anything to happen to him (including suffering the loss of his friends).

Overall this was one of the more confusing episodes (I had to watch it twice to understand the ending), but I do still like how much of the TARDIS we got to see (and Clara's outfit, I mean, look at those legs).

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