Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Ultimate Jenna Theory - Revision 3

So Moffat said in a recent interview that so far, no one has gotten right the explanation for Clara's multiple appearances. That means I'm throwing out the Bad Wolf explanation. I doubt Moffat has seen my Guardian theory, but I'm going to assume that he has and throw that one out as well.

Clara's identity has got to be linked to the finale in some way. Since the finale is Trenzalore, she's got be related to the Doctor's name. About the only explanations are that she was created to either prevent the Doctor from revealing his name or to trick him into doing so. The only people who seem to be involved in Trenzalore other than the Doctor and friends are the Silence, the Whisper Men, and the Great Intelligence. The Great Intelligence seems to be heavily involved in Series 7 so that seems likely, but Moffat could just be reintroducing it as a villain before its appearance in the finale.

It's really hard to guess which of the three it is when we only know the Silence's intentions regarding the Doctor's name. Without more information on the other two's intents, it's haphazard to guess. Even if I knew just one of the others, I could posit a reasonable guess.

Jenna said recently that Clara "hasn't just met the Doctor three times before." This could mean any number of things. More than likely, we haven't seen those other times. I doubt she means the Prequel to the Bells of Saint John and The Rings of Akhaten, that would be too obvious. There's probably going to be some sort of flashback sequence in the finale, where the Doctor suddenly remembers all the other times he's met her.

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