Saturday, June 29, 2013

Destiny of the Doctors: Trouble in Paradise Review

We finally get a clue as to why the Doctor's interfering in his own timeline so much: apparently the entire universe is in danger of collapsing. Unfortunately, that's happened multiple times now, so it's not much of a hint. There could be multiple reasons why it's doing that. We'll still just have to wait and see what this is all about.

This story is very wibbly-wobbly compared to some of the other stories in the series. There's finally a story with a heavy amount of time travel involved. It's about the biggest interference in the history of the Earth we've ever seen. It's the type of event that's so important it was bound to happen anyway, the characters just caused it to happen at an earlier point in history.

I'm not sure I like the introduction of a third dominant species of Earth. It kinda of messes with your notion of Who-history, especially since it's a species that exists in real life. Buffalo ruling humans? I'm not sure that idea is going to catch on.

I like stories that take place in parts of Earth other than Britain. This particular story takes place in the Caribbean, which is a nice break from cold and dreary England. I think if they had more stories in other parts of the world, that might draw in wider audience. It would also make it a bit more realistic, since the TARDIS can go anywhere.

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