Monday, July 15, 2013

Song for Fifty Lyrics

The lyrics from the new soundtrack piece from the 50th Anniversary, Song for Fifty, have been made available.
As I stand here waiting for my time to come, I follow in your footsteps,
I follow when you run
From the jaws of disaster, from a planet besieged by deadly ancient foes
And you still make me smile when you stop and turn and say: ‘This is a
creature we can understand, a living being, it is just being. If we could find
what’s on its mind then perhaps
We might survive.’
And as we stumble down our slow road I can’t but wonder what would it
be like. To run away with you through time, where would we go who
might we find. But on we go, cutting our paths, only one way, one day at
a time, while you embrace the universe, spinning your way on the fast
road, limitless endless.
So my dear friend you’re getting kinda old now (or maybe we are). And
now our children watch you do the deeds we marvelled at wondered at.
From the jaws of disaster, from a planet besieged by deadly ancient foes.
It’s not the end yet there is no end.
Fumbling and bumbling while all around is crumbling and stumbling
through time like you’re a mad man still it’s humbling to watch you
reconcile divergent creeds without succumbing to the lure of weapons,
force or greed you only use intelligence and jokes and charm.
Happy birthday. Doctor. You.

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