Sunday, July 7, 2013

The Case For a Female Doctor

Here is an argument for why I think there should be a female Doctor.

A female Doctor would make for new possibilities in Doctor-companion relationships. So far, almost every Doctor-companion relationship has been between some centuries-old guy and a young woman or man. With a male Doctor and a younger female companion, it's been this kind old man showing a woman the stars. With a female Doctor, it's sort of two young women going off to see the stars together. You don't have the same type of thing where the young woman is in love with the Doctor and wishing he would notice. It's just two girls cavorting across the universe. Also if the young woman is in love with the male Doctor, then watches him die and turn into a woman, she'd have all sorts of mixed feelings that would make for an interesting relationship at first. Also, if there were a male companion, then he'd probably be attracted to the Doctor, and there would probably be a lot of him trying to impress her, and her not being very impressed/him injuring himself.

It would also be interesting to see a female Doctor, who at first doesn't know how to be female. She would probably being doing things like accidentally going into the men's room, leaning over the table while wearing a low-cut shirt, not knowing how to deal with long hair, wanting to play on a men's sports team and not realizing the problem, kissing River in public and not understanding why people were staring, etc.

A female Doctor would have to face a few new challenges that would make interesting additions to plotlines. Say she's in the Middle Ages or the Enlightenment period, when all the men were rather sexist. None of them would take her seriously or want to follow her directions. Or say, someone hears all about the great and powerful Doctor, then meets her and discovers she's female, and is rather let down. I don't want sexism to become a recurring plot point in almost every episode, but rather something that comes up once or twice a season.

For everyone who says that this isn't in keeping with the character of the Doctor, the show is all about change. They change the actors and actresses, they change the TARDIS, they even change the sonic screwdriver. Everything changes. There's no reason the Doctor's gender can't. It's been stated in both The End of Time, Part 2 and The Doctor's Wife that Time Lords can change gender.

A lot of people have been saying they don't want a female Doctor because Moffat can't write strong women. I beg to differ. Sally Sparrow was pretty kick-ass exploring abandoned buildings for fun and fighting the Weeping Angels. River Song is also very strong and independent. Also, just because Amy & Clara have never had the opportunity to save the world (Moffat hasn't written very many the-entire-Earth-is-in-danger stories) doesn't mean they're not brave and steely-hearted.

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