Saturday, August 31, 2013

Dating Inconsistencies in Series 7

The writers of Series 7 didn't coordinate very well on the dating of their episodes. At the beginning of Series 6, in The Impossible Astronaut, it's very clearly April 2011. When the Doctor drops the Ponds off at the end of The God Complex, it's presumably later that year. Everything up to this point is good.

At the end of The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe, Amy states that it's been two years since she's seen the Doctor, putting it at Christmas 2013. According to Pond Life, Asylum of the Daleks takes place in August. In the next episode, Amy says that it's been ten months since the Doctor last visited, so it is now presumably June of the next year. The Power of Three starts off in July, then continues on into the next year. Part way through the episode, it's Amy and Rory's wedding anniversary. This should be their sixth wedding anniversary (in 2016), however it is stated that it is their second. Chris Chibnall is four years off in his dating of the episode.

Only to make matters worse, The Name of the Doctor is stated to happen in April of 2013. Theoretically, with a new companion, the Doctor can do whatever he wants. He could spend all their time in the 14th century. However, throughout the new series, there has been a certain element of keeping episodes roughly in the present. I guess the writers didn't want everything to be taking place four years in the future. However, it would have been far easier to remove the dialogue than to simply ignore it for the sake of the status quo.

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