Friday, August 30, 2013

Destiny of the Doctors: Enemy Aliens Review

Today I continue my series of reviews of AudioGO and Big Finish's Destiny of the Doctors series. This month is the eighth Doctor adventure, Enemy Aliens, written by Alan Barnes.

I haven't listened to any of the other 8th Doctor stories, so I don't know about those or how Charley Pollard usually talks. This story seems to have a lot of over-the-top, ridiculous description. The story uses words like thingamabob and describes a mustache as coming out of a crowd, rather than a man.

The story leads you down one path, thinking that it's the usual Doctor Who story. Then, it's revealed that it's more historical fiction than science fiction. As soon as you've gotten used to that fact, they go and pull something on you which I don't think I'll reveal here for fear of spoilers. Nevertheless, it's not what you expected. Twice.

The aliens in the story don't seem terribly well thought-out. They can obviously see, but they have no capacity to recognize individuals. Either that, or they can recognize individuals, but they don't know their own commander. What kind of soldier can't recognize their own superior? I mean, they should at least be able to tell Charley's the wrong species. The writers don't seem to have thought this through very well. Either that, or they have and the alien's just an idiot.

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