Saturday, August 10, 2013

Why Davros Should Return

I believe that Davros should make an appearance in the next Dalek story. In the previous one, Asylum of the Daleks, Oswin Oswald wiped all the Daleks' memories of the Doctor. It isn't going to take them long to figure out that they don't know why all their plots to take over the universe have failed. They're going to have a lot of questions, and no answers. So what do the Daleks do when they're baffled? They ask their creator for help.

Davros would very quickly remind the Daleks that it was the Doctor who defeated them, only to come to the conclusion that they don't know who he is. Not only that, but the Doctor has deleted himself from every other database in the universe. No one knows who he is. Davros would be mystified, and would proceed to hunt down the Doctor. After that, there would probably be some sort of conversation about the Doctor getting too big and stepping back into the shadows.

However it happens, Davros must be in the next Dalek episode. He's the only source the Daleks would trust when they notice their own flawed history. Also, as a major classic villain (comparable to the Master), he deserves to grace our screens once more.

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