Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Day 1 2013 Christmas Special Filming

Today marked the beginning of location filming for this years Christmas Special. Filming took place at Lydstep Park, Cardiff. Matt Smith and Jenna-Louise Coleman were on set. More spoilers available here.

@HWBCymru: #dwsr  Matt and JC http://t.co/pd6oa1M3aH

@rhyswoodf: Photo of Jenna Coleman in said hat. #dwsr http://t.co/LbkWo0zee3

@rhyswoodf: Clara's wearing a Christmas cracker hat and is running out of the block of flats. #dwsr

@simon_watkins: Jenna's gone inside one of the flats. Too distant to see much #dwsr http://t.co/mm27n2DcCI

@datadivajf: Curious - is the turkey Jenna carrying real or an inedible prop? #dwsr

@StreetwiseLee: #dwsr Matt and Jenna coming out of the Tardis http://t.co/B7wS9bjlEn

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