Sunday, September 29, 2013

Destiny of the Doctor: Night of the Whisper Review

Today, I continue my series of reviews of Big Finish and AudioGo's Destiny of the Doctor 50th anniversary series. This month, it's Night of the Whisper, written by Cavan Scott and Mark Wright, performed by Nicholas Briggs and John Schwab, and featuring the 9th Doctor, Rose Tyler, and Captain Jack.

I'm kinda annoyed that they departed from the usual format for the series and didn't use the actress for one of the companions as the voice actress. In the previous stories in the series, the actress who plays the companion has done the primary voice acting with another actor playing a secondary role. In this story, instead of Billie Piper, they used Nicholas Briggs for some reason. I was rather distracted for the first part of the story because it was two male voices instead of one male and one female and I was trying to figure out where John Schwab came in.

This story was about 10-20 minutes longer than the previous stories in the range, which I thought meant we were going to get more background into whatever is going on in the story arc. However, it turns out it was just an extra-long story. I'm getting increasingly impatient with this story arc trying to figure out what the eleventh Doctor is up to. He obviously needs a collection of items and people, but I can't figure out what they all have in common. There's an artificial intelligence, a magic rock, a psychic crystal ball, and now a police chief. They'd better have something really good in store for this November.

I really didn't see the identity of the Whisper coming. I thought it would be your average vigilante with high technology (like Batman). I totally didn't see corpse-cop alien hybrid coming. I'm also still confused as to why it went after Rose in the beginning scene. It should have been going after Wolfsbane, but for some reason it was targeting poor ole Rose.

I love how easily characters always break into heavily guarded facilities in TV and movies. In any story the bad guy is going to have hardly any problem breaking into the nuclear power plant, or the White House, or the top secret military base. In this case, the Whisper broke into the atmospheric generation facility. You'd think the plant responsible for keeping the entire city alive would be heavily guarded, but it appears there was only one guard. Of course, the Whisper easily dispatched the guard before they could get off a shot or call for back-up.

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