Sunday, November 17, 2013

Destiny of the Doctor: The Time Machine Review

Today sees the final part in my series of reviews of Big Finish's 50th anniversary series, Destiny of the Doctor. The Time Machine features the 11th Doctor and is voiced by Jenna Coleman, Nicholas Briggs, and Michael Cochrane and is written by Matt Fitton.

I was rather surprised that Clara wasn't actually in this story. Given that it was narrated by Jenna and (almost) all of the stories so far have been narrated by the actress who played the companion, I was expecting her to be in it. I suppose she wasn't really necessary to the plotline since Alice was being the companion instead.

70 minutes didn't seem like enough to wrap up this plot that we've been building since January. I was expecting the messages to past Doctors to be a bigger part of the story, rather than being smashed into the last 20 minutes. They were essential to defeating the Creevix, but I would have liked to see them come into play for longer. This story have been drawn out to closer to 80 or 90 minutes.

This is the first timey-wimey solution to an episode that I wasn't able to fully wrap my head around immediately upon hearing the story. After thinking about for a while, I was able to work out the paradox that stopped the Creevix. However, I'm still not sure how the storylines of Shadow of Death and Smoke and Mirrors feature into the Doctor's plan.

A small plothole that they overlooked was where Guy fit into the timeline of the Time Agency relative to Jack. Jack said that he was the very first person to be signed up for the Time Agency, and he was issued a vortex manipulator wrist strap. Guy was a time agent and the Doctor said he was from before they miniaturized time travel down to a wrist strap. So unless Guy was from the very early days of the Agency and Jack was originally issued one of these vehicles, I can't see how these can both be true.

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