Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Dog Dean Afternoon Review

Tonight's opening sequence was a little bizarre. Usually, it flashbacks to show events from previous stories that are relevant to that episode. This time, it seemed to emphasize how bizarre the brother's lives are and the variety of experiences they've had as hunters. Given the plot, I would have expected more focus on witchcraft or spells.

When I first saw tonight's villain, I suspected it was some new kind of monster. Since some monsters are based on animal-people hybrids Sam's hypothesis of a snake-monster made sense. I wasn't really expecting witchcraft until the variety of animal parts turned up in the freezer. I should have seen it coming when it was mentioned that animal innards had gone missing from the taxidermist's. At the time, I just attributed it to the guy eating them.

I can see the Colonel's final lines about "man's best friend" being the basis for an entire season. The writers could drum up some new villains that haven't been seen on Earth in thousands of years and exist only in the rumors of the higher beings. Dogs were put there to counter them, but since no one has actually seen them in millennia, their existence is widely regarded by dogs as a conspiracy theory. When they finally show up in season 10 or later in season 9, it could be eventually revealed that their one weakness is that they are highly allergic to dogs.

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