Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Heaven Can't Wait Review

Supernatural is one of those shows where even nine seasons in, you can still add new mythology. Yesterday's episode proved that with the introduction of rit zien angels. I think the last new creatures they introduced (not counting the Wicked Witch, who is more of an individual than a species) were the Leviathans and that was two whole years ago.

If Abaddon is intent on calling in all of Crowley's contracts before they're due, that could cause trouble later on. Some sort of situation may occur where nobody wants to make deals with demons anymore because you no longer get a guaranteed term. Hell may find itself with a massive influx of souls, followed by a sudden dry spell when nobody makes any deals. One problem this would present for the Winchesters is that with all these extra souls in hell, that would give the demons more power to do things with.

I'm not entirely convinced Crowley read through those papers completely. It looked like he glanced through them and came to the conclusion that the spell was irreversible. He may have missed something on how to undo it or that it also banishes angels from hell (particularly the Cage). I'm also intrigued by his phone call at the end that Sam walked in on. I would like to see who that went to and what he said.

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