Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Rock and a Hard Place Review

Would it kill them to have an actual dragon story? They've only been in one episode so far, and that was all the way back in season 6. Most creatures have had dozens of episodes to develop the lore about them, dragons have only had one. An actual, real dragon episode would do wonders expanding the mythology about them.

One of two things was bound to happen in this episode. Either the monster of the week was one of the girls in the church group or Sam and Dean would suspect it was and almost kill her, before realizing at the last minute it wasn't her. Turns out it was the first option, which was the one I suspected.

When Dean first said that girl looked familiar, I thought she was some angel that had been in a skirmish with the boys earlier. I never would have suspected she was a porn star. Also, only Dean Winchester would join a virginity group, only to hook up with the councilor later that day.

I'm wondering now when Sam is going to find out the truth about Ezekiel. Dean almost told him today, and after what Vesta told him, there's a strong possibility he's going to work it out on his own. I'm guessing that he's going to work it out at the same time that Dean tells him. Either that, or someone is going to witness Ezekiel doing something, then ask Sam about it later. That way, Sam could realize that he's had an angel riding shotgun for a while.

The writers really seem intent on not putting Kevin, Crowley, and Castiel in every episode. This is at least the second or third time they've been mentioned but not seen, even though there's a scene in the bunker. Kevin could easily have walked in on the brothers having breakfast, but the writers seem intent on keeping him out, even from a 30-second slot. To top it off, Castiel didn't even get mentioned at all.

I actually thought Jodi was going to be killed off in this episode. Female characters just don't last long on this show (except Meg). Thankfully, that stab wound somehow missed every major organ.

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