Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Holy Terror Review

I didn't expect a lot of what happened in this episode.

First off, I (along with a bunch of people on Tumblr) was convinced that Ezekiel was actually Lucifer. I thought that when Metatron banished the angels from heaven, he also sprung those in the cage. He did say he freed the imprisoned ones, but it remains to be seen whether that includes Michael and Lucifer.

When Metatron gave Gadriel the name of a person to kill, I thought it was Dean. It's rather curious that he wanted Kevin dead. I mean, there has to be more motivation than just him being a prophet. The problem with that is then Dean could just go out and get another prophet. It's more likely he wanted to hurt the brothers.

I also wasn't expecting Cas to get his grace back this quickly. I know it's been nine episodes and it's the mid-season finale, but I thought it would take the entire season, assuming he got it back at all. It's curious that he didn't do it earlier with any of the other angels he met, but I guess he was too busy killing them.

I'm still kinda murky on whether Cas knew the whole deal about Ezekiel. The way he worded it, it sounded like he only thought that Gadriel healed Sam once, rather than staying inside him. That's probably wrong, though. It's more likely that Dean told him everything while they were at that bar.

I still want to know who Crowley was calling at the end of the episode a few weeks ago. I know it's going to be played up later, because this is one of those shows where everything happens for a reason. The writers and directors have everything planned out, so that phone call is going to be mentioned later. Crowley is in the next episode, and according to the trailer, he's going to demand his freedom, so it's possible that the brothers are going to counter with whatever Sam overheard during that phone call.

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