Sunday, January 26, 2014

Proposal for Series 8 and Beyond

Here are a few things I would like in the coming few seasons (during Peter's time).

More two-part stories. Some of the stories in the new series could have benefited from extra time. This would allow 90 minutes per story, plenty of time to develop characters, lay out background, and tie up loose ends. I also feel like some of the longer stories are more "epic" with more interesting movie-style plot lines.

Keep the credits until Jenna leaves. The current title sequence isn't Matt's and it isn't Peter's, it's Jenna's. The new credits started when she came aboard, and they should leave with her. They can alter them to show Peter's name and face in the beginning. When she leaves, they can start a new credit sequence. I actually like the idea of theme music corresponding to companion, rather than Doctor, and they could probably keep it up indefinitely.

Have the search for Gallifrey be more low-key. This story arc could be drawn out over a long time. However, it shouldn't be as heavy of a plot line as series 6. It should be more similar to Davies' story arcs, where references are only thrown in every couple episodes. There could be a dramatic season finale where the Doctor picks up a Time Lord beacon and thinking it's from Gallifrey, goes to investigate. Instead it could turn out to be a lone scout TARDIS attempting to find a way back home. The Doctor could meet up with the crew and receive news of home while battling Daleks. There could also be an episode where the Doctor attempts to bust through to the parallel universe where Gallifrey is, but instead lands on the set of the show in Cardiff.

Revisit old companions. It'd be lovely to see how Martha and Mickey are faring, or for the Doctor to finally meet Gwen face-to-face. We could even meet a classic companion, such as Tegan or Ace. They don't even have to travel in the TARDIS, just meet the Doctor again for one more adventure.

Bring back Confidential. Seriously. Just do it.

Do something for the 10th anniversary of New Who. I don't care what it is, just something. It can be a brand new story featuring Chris, David, Matt, and Peter. It could also be a documentary about what it took to bring the show back to the air with brand new interviews. A retrospective look at the past ten years featuring never before seen behind the scenes footage would work, too. An Adventure in Space and Time, Part 2 starring Russell T. Davies, Christopher Eccleston, Billie Piper, and David Tennant as themselves with other supporting actors and actresses would be brilliant.

Bring back K-9. There's no time like the present to bring back the Doctor's trusty robot dog. Kids love it, the Doctor loves it, I love it (and I'm a cat person). I think Clara would be amused by the fact that the Doctor once traveled with no more company than a metal dog. They should definitely do it while John Leeson is still alive.

Create a spin-off. I don't care whether they bring back Torchwood or create something brand new. There's been talk of a Paternoster spin-off, however, I would prefer to see the adventures of the Doctor's daughter, Jenny. I know it's been five years, but her story is just one giant loose end that needs addressing. The very least they could do is a novel or Big Finish series. Someone also suggested a semi-canon series where each week River, Rose, Martha, Donna, Amy, & Clara (or some combination thereof) steal the TARDIS and go on their own adventures.

More UNIT stories. I love a good old-fashioned "invasion Earth" story. There haven't been many of these stories since Davies left, in fact, there's only been two with UNIT in them. Just one story of this type per season would be sufficient. I think some fans would like to see more of Osgood and the secret underground base.

Break the fourth wall. A few possibilities exist here. First, the TARDIS could crash and get replaced with the TARDIS set at the studio and the Doctor and Clara swap places with Peter and Jenna. Then they'd have to find their way back. Another possibility is that the Doctor already knows he's a fictional character. Perhaps something happens (such as a plot hole the characters notice) and the Doctor comments on the poor quality of the script.

Have the next companion not be from present-day Earth. Davies and Moffat have been using the same format of present-day Earth girl over and over again since 2005. The classic series had all sorts of different companions. Someone from another planet or another time period would bring a nice refreshing change. Some ideas include a slave girl from ancient Rome, the daughter of some noble in 15th century France, or the sole survivor of some expedition in the 47th century. A Time Lady would work, too.

Develop the Paternoster Gang's backstory. We've already had The Crimson Horror, which was pretty centered on our Victorian trio. However, an explanation as to how Vastra and Jenny met and fell in love would be nice. It would also be nice to see how they came to be fighting crime.

Write pure historical episodes. They haven't done one of these since the sixties. Instead of all the usual sci-fi and aliens, an episode where the Doctor and companion travel back in time and get caught up in historical events. No monster, no aliens, no tech, just the Doctor and friend getting themselves in a pickle and having to get out. It's a nice break from the usual technobabble and complicated timey-wimey stories, just a nice, simple historical. Plus, it would go back to Doctor Who's roots as being educational, although I think we're long past that now.

More episodes set on other parts of Earth. The curse of the new series is London, London, London. Everything happens in London. An episode set in another part of Earth would be nice. There are loads of good places: the Mediterranean, Australia, the Amazon, China, the African Serengeti, North America, etc. It's quite literally a big planet.

Halloween special. With a full thirteen episodes airing in the fall, Doctor Who has an opportunity it's never had before. There's no time like Halloween for Moffat to crank up the fright levels. I know it isn't going to happen, but a crossover with Supernatural would make for some very spooky fun!

Tom Baker-esque pockets scene. I really want another scene where the Doctor is forced to empty his pockets and produces an endless array of random items. He's either captured and made to turn out his pockets or is looking for something and can't remember which pocket it's in. Either way, he produces a bizarre assortment of items that only a Time Lord would have on them.

Clara-centric story. In the theme of having Doctor-lite stories, I suggest something similar to Supernatural's Weekend at Bobby's. Since Clara doesn't travel with the Doctor all the time, it'd be interesting to what she gets up to in between adventures. I suggest something following up on her teaching job seen in The Day of the Doctor, while also showing what happened to the Maitland kids. Perhaps the Doctor phones in several times to update Clara on the status of some adventure he's having. He shows up later, needing her help, and Clara offers to help him in exchange for housework. The Doctor does some chores, then they pop off to another planet to finish his adventure.

Cross-over. I'd be happy with anything really, Star Trek, Supernatural, Sherlock, Warehouse 13, you name it. With the TARDIS' ability to travel to parallel universes restored, the list of possibilities is endless.

The aftermath of the Earth-Zygon treaty. How it plays out all depends on whether it's public knowledge. If it's an international treaty, and not just Britain (since UNIT is a global organization), every politician on Earth would have to be informed. The UN would probably ratify it, and it would have to become public knowledge. Then there's just the question of how much becomes public knowledge. The details of how the treaty was signed could probably be hidden. That way, the public doesn't know about the Doctor or the Dark Vault. Of course, there would always be rumors and speculation as to what really happened.

Pompeii story. I know Moffat has already promised to explain what the 12th Doctor was doing in Pompeii, but I want to see a full-fledged story made out of it. There needs to be a proper plot line (one that isn't totally dependent on David's story) that stars Peter, Jenna, John Barrowman, David, and Catherine Tate. The reason I want Jack there is because he mentioned visiting Pompeii way back in series 1. Also, we always need more Captain on this show.

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