Saturday, January 18, 2014

Road Trip Review

So we learned some interesting tidbits about possession in this episode. Apparently, both an angel and a demon can possess the same person simultaneously. I'm still not sure I like this new CGI thing where angels are visible as they possess someone. They look sorta like white smoke, which is a bit too much like a demon for me. Also, what happened to being the size of the Chrysler building with four faces? Humans aren't supposed to be able to perceive their true form, and here we are perceiving them.

I love hearing about Sam and Dean's secret codes and tricks. This week, we learned that "poughkeepsie" means "drop everything and run". There have other codes, as well. Saying they've got something stuck to their shoe means they're being followed. Also, in the event of separation, they go to the first motel in the phone book and ask for Jim Rockford.

Demons have infiltrated the NSA. Kinda makes you wonder what else they've infiltrated. Probably everything. CIA, FBI, UN, KBG, SS, MI5, Congress, big business, they probably make it a point to infiltrate everything they can. They probably have just enough spies to monitor everything going on, while having a low enough number to avoid arousing suspicion.

We see more of the Winchester codependency problem here. Sam claims he was ready to die, but Dean just wouldn't live without him. The brothers have a dangerous history of doing whatever it takes to keep each other alive. Previously, it meant making demons deals, but now it's gotten into allowing unknown angels to possess each other. I'm not sure there will ever be a day when they simply allow one another to die. It's not healthy.

I still want to know if Michael and Lucifer were freed from the cage. We know that at least two angels were freed from heavenly jail, but does that include the cage? There's been some speculation as to whether we'll see the 2014 endverse this season. I'd love to see the return of the archangels, just as long as the writers added something new into the mix. I want either a new bit of mythology about them or a new plan for them to achieve, since their previous apocalyptic plans were ruined.

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