Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Sharp Teeth Review

Dean sure has some pretty serious guilt issues. He seems to think everything is his fault. First he blamed himself for Kevin's death, now he's blaming himself for Garth becoming a werewolf. I think he just doesn't want to blame his friends and family for anything, so he simply puts all the blame on himself. Some day, he has to learn that not everything bad is his fault.

We got to see more of the Winchester codependency issue today. Sam and Dean were apart for only one episode this time. They've spent years apart from each, put only when they thought the other was dead. Anytime they know the other is alive, they end up hunting together. Mind you, they're a force to be reckoned with when hunting together, but they need somebody else in their lives. What really needs to happen is for one of them to get a serious girlfriend and choose her over hunting. Either that, or the girlfriend is a hunter and she hunts with one of them and the other eventually learns to do his own thing.

One problem I noticed with this whole Ragnarok thing is that Odin is already dead. They said in the episode that the werewolf guy is supposed to kill Odin, but Lucifer already did that. Way back in season 5, Lucifer killed a bunch of pagan gods at some hotel where they were having a conference. Apparently this church didn't get that message, and decided to go through with the apocalypse anyway. Either that, or they found out and decided to create their own version of Ragnarok.

I still find it hard to believe that all these cops don't recognize the brothers. I know they're presumed dead, but with all the cops they talk to in each episode, surely one of them must remember them from their previous media attention. They have a known MO of impersonating cops, which coupled with the Impala, is a dead giveaway. I think this is one of the issues that the writer just ignore for the sake of helping the plot along. If the Winchesters were recognized by every cop, it'd seriously screw with the way they operate. The writers would have to come up with some new ploy for the brothers to get information, so rather than do that, they just ignore the issue.

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