Thursday, January 9, 2014

The Sign of Three Review

This episode was the funniest out of three seasons, though I'm not sure if that was intentional. First there was the bit with Lestrade leaving an urgent bank robbery to rescue Sherlock and it turn out he needs help writing a best man's speech. Then there was the whole scene with John and Sherlock drunk in the flat. I liked "clueing for looks", the literal "elephant in the room", and the midget "poison giant".

We've learned a couple of things about Sherlock's mind palace. First, it's not 221B or the entire city of London as some fans have speculated. It appears to be the Parliament building. Second, Mycroft is there as the voice that makes deductions. I suppose that makes sense, because Mycroft is the older brother and probably taught Sherlock to make deductions.

One interesting thing about this episode was the majority of it consisted of Sherlock's best man speech, despite the fact that we was numerous bits in 221B, Buckingham Palace, and around London. All of that was described by Sherlock to a room full of people, including the drunk bits, Molly saying she has "lots of sex" with her boyfriend, and John talking without Sherlock actually being present. One can only imagine how Sherlock described that in his usual straight-to-the-point manner and how everyone reacted.

There didn't seem to be any references to Magnussen. When they introduced Moriarty in series 1, he was mentioned in every episode. Magnussen has only been mentioned in 1 of 2 so far. I suspect they'll go for the same cliffhanger ending that they did in series 1, though I may be wrong. Magnussen may only be a one-season villain, but it seems unlikely that he won't get at least a mention in series 4.

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