Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Ben Wheatley on Series 8 Air Date

Ben Wheatley did an interview with FilmDrunk and briefly mentioned a July air date for Doctor Who
I’ve got two more weeks shooting Doctor Who, which hopefully is going to go in July.
The two parts of his statement ("two more weeks" and "go in July") seem to contradict each other. If they only finish filming two episodes by the end of February, there's no way they're going to have the entire season ready to go by July.

I have no idea how long it normally takes to film two 45 minute TV shows, but they seem to be taking their time. Production on episode 1 started in mid-December and they're still only on the second episode. The only way a July broadcast date is going to work is if they do a split season, and Moffat has already promised they won't be doing that again. Of course, Moffat does lie, but there's no reason to lie about something like this.

Previous reports have indicated a fall air date.

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