Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Captives Review

So a lot of people suspected that the ghost in this episode would be Kevin. Turns out they were right. There doesn't seem to have been much point in bringing Kevin back other than pleasing fans. Yeah, the boys rescued his mom, but they could have done that any number of ways. They could have been tipped off by another demon about humans being kept hostage. The only thing the Winchester side of the episode did accomplish was tipping us off to the pipeline to heaven being closed.

It's interesting that no more souls are getting into heaven just because the angels are gone. I thought the responsibility of guiding souls into the afterlife belonged to the reapers. Perhaps with the system broken, the reapers are all doing their own thing. I can actually see an opportunity for the demons to encourage reapers to bring all these stranded souls to hell. The demons could use this to increase their own power by adding more souls. However, I have a sneaking suspicion that the angels and demons are oblivious to this problem. We've seen more of the angels recently, and from what I can tell, they're either A) oblivious, B) don't care, or C) unable to do anything about it. If the demons were aware of the issue, I'm sure they would be attempting to steal the supply of souls.

I'm really not sure where all this angel faction stuff is going. It's obviously not that important to the plotline, seeing as the writers haven't spent much time on the issue. It's probably going to lead into something (2014!endverse perhaps?), but at this point, there isn't enough information to tell. It's possible that most of the angels are simply going to kill each other off, leaving the demons in power.

I'm guessing we're not going to see much more of Mrs. Tran. She's not likely to get much more than one appearance later on. The writers are probably going to either kill her off or just never mention her again. If they do kill her off, they might just do it off-screen. However, since they already did that once and then brought her back, they'll likely make her next death final.

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