Saturday, February 8, 2014

Theorising on Capaldi's Doctor

As everyone's aware by now, Peter Capaldi has had two previous appearances in the Whoniverse prior to becoming the Doctor. His first role was Caecilius in Fires of Pompeii, followed by John Frobisher in Torchwood's Children of Earth. I posit the following theories on how he can play all three roles.

1. Time stream doppelgangers. This is identical to how Jenna played three distinct characters during her time on the show. The Doctor jumped into his own timestream and got scattered across it, just like Clara did. The only difference is, they didn't all come out with Matt's face. BONUS: this explains Tom Baker's appearance in the 50th anniversary.

2. Fob watches. The Doctor basically repeats the adventure of Human Nature/Family of Blood and goes into hiding as a human. It'd be difficult to explain him doing this twice in the same regeneration in two different time periods. He wouldn't do it lightly, so there would have to be some explanation as to why.

3. They're all completely the Doctor. Both prior appearances are completely, 100% the 12th Doctor. They were completely ordinary adventures for him, we just saw them a bit out of order. This would require an explanation as to why he crossed his own timestream and why he didn't try to help the Earth's children.

4. The Valeyard. In Trial of a Time Lord, they said the Valeyard is created sometime between the Doctor's twelfth and final regenerations. That means it can happen at any time now. Perhaps one of these characters is the amalgamation of the Doctor's dark side that we've been waiting to see again for 30 years.

5. Curveball. Moffat and Davies throw something completely unexpected at us. No one really saw the explanation for Clara coming until they released the trailers. It's possible that every fan theory is going to be completely wrong and that the writers have got something really good up their sleeves.

6. Some combination of above. Perhaps one of these theories applies to one appearance and another theory explains the other appearancne. 

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