Thursday, March 20, 2014

Blade Runners Review

I always knew there had to be someone else left from the Men of Letters. However, I always thought it would be more than one person. It made more sense to me for there to be an entire secret society out there. It didn't seem like there were only six or seven members in the organization. I thought there would be hundreds, all across the world. That, of course, would raise the question of why the guy didn't give the key to the bunker to them. The thing that always got me was where the power and water in the bunker was coming from. There's the possibility that it's provided by some sort of spell, but I always thought someone was paying the bills. Though, if they'd been paying the bills for fifty years, you'd think they'd use the place.

The show seems to have taken an awfully long break from the First Blade plotline. There were an entire four episodes with barely a mention of the blade or the Mark of Cain. They did mention the angel war a couple episodes ago, so that was good. I know the show does periodically take breaks from the story arc, but normally it's only for one or two episodes, not four.

It seems unlikely that the guy would coop himself up in a building with no doors and windows for 50 years. Sooner or later, he's going to catch cabin fever and go insane. If I could live forever, I'd want someone to spend the time with. You'd think he would have a girlfriend or something. All he's got is the monsters in his "zoo". He's got no one to spend eternity with, yet he doesn't seem the least bit lonely. Unless of course, that's why he wanted Dean.

Given how long ago Crowley first injected human blood, it's surprising that his addiction has only just now surfaced. He blames Sam and Dean for getting him addicted, which is a reference to the end of season 8. That was months ago in the show's timeframe and we've seen him quite a bit since then. In all that time, human blood was not mentioned once. Perhaps it's not addictive at first, but has to be injected multiple times in order to develop a dependency.

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