Friday, May 2, 2014

Bloodlines Episode Review

As a spin-off, this could definitely work. However, since it's one of those limited-villain shows (just those families, no one else), the length of the show would be limited. Eventually, the main villain gets defeated and the show ends. I can't see Bloodlines lasting more than about 4 or 5 seasons. Other than that, it's got plenty of potential. I can see a couple of hunters showing up in town and teaching Ennis the ropes. Eventually, he becomes a hunter and they start going after the five monster families. There could be various twists and turns, maybe Sam and Dean would show up, and eventually there's a big dramatic series finale. Also, if anything Sam and Dean do makes the news (like the apocalypse or the angels falling), that could be featured in Bloodlines.

Both this show and the Supernatural pilot share one interesting similarity. Both Ennis and Sam are pushed into the world of hunting when their girlfriend is killed by a monster. The only difference is that in Tamara's case, it wasn't technically a monster. It was a hunter who killed her, although Ennis described him as a monster.

Is anyone else wondering how shape-shifters can suddenly change so easily? It used to be that they had to shed their skin in order to change their appearance. Now they just will it, and through a clever bit of camera work, suddenly they have a new appearance. I mean, the guy in the bar changed his hair color and nothing else. It wouldn't be the first time they've changed the special effects on the show. Prior to season 9, angels didn't possess people by shoving their way down the person's throat. They used to come down from the sky as a beam of light and engulf the person. There's really no in-universe explanation for the special effects changing (at least not some cases), so you just have to accept that the special effects artists are getting lazy. Or cleverer, whichever you prefer.

I like the idea of a monsters-only night club. Not all monsters want to kill each other, some of them just want to get away from ordinary, boring humans. I mean, some of these guys are centuries old, and they just want to get away from us boring mortals. Also, this way they can meet up with other monsters and have crazy monster sex. I will admit, it was a bit rude of that guy to ignore Ennis as he was trying to propose to his girlfriend. I suppose he had to cater to higher-paying customers first, but he could have at least called over another server.

I wish the guys would use tricks like a digital camera more often. Either that, or Christos. It makes it far easier to tell who's a monster and who's not. It's been pointed out by numerous fans that the brothers used Christos once in season 1, then never used it again for eight season. It's a very handy trick to tell whether someone's possessed by a demon. I guess it's too convenient plot-wise, this way the writers can have more storylines where the guys don't know someone is a demon.

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