Thursday, May 22, 2014

Do You Believe in Miracles Review

I totally saw this coming. Right from when they first started suggesting that the Blade was affecting Dean, I knew it was going to turn him into a demon. I didn't realize it would take his death for the effect to be total. We already saw him exhibiting telekinetic powers and super-strength, it was only a matter of time before his eyes turned black.

I was kinda hoping an archangel would show up in this episode. At one point, I thought that ginger angel was going to turn out to be Lucifer. Fans on Tumblr had been posting for while about the 2014!endverse (aka that Croatoan apocalypse we saw in season 5), so I figured it was within the realm of possibility. I also thought that since all the angels had been cast out of heaven, it was possible that Michael and Lucifer had been cast out of hell.

I actually thought Dean would defeat Metatron. My money was on him taking the First Blade and killing him. I didn't think it would happen the other way around. Most of the big bad guys in this show end up getting killed. So far, only Lucifer and Metatron have been locked up. Azazel, Lilith, Eve, and Dick Roman all got killed at the end; it only made sense that Metatron would go down the same way.

We still haven't seen the resolution of the issue surrounding Cas' stolen grace. Metatron said something about how it's burning up. Gadriel also said that Cas would get weaker every time he used his powers. I can only see two solutions to the problem. The first is that Cas somehow gets his own grace back. The second is that he uses the angel tablet or some spell to fix the grace he currently has. If neither of those things happen, it's likely he'll either die or return to human form.

The interesting thing about angel radio is that everyone is still calling it by the name the Winchesters gave it back in season 4. It's never been called anything else. That would seem to suggest that it never had any other name. In 13.7 billion years, neither God nor any of the angels gave their telepathic network a name. It's possible, that as their only form of communication (without the use of a vessel), they never thought to give it one. The fact that it took the Winchesters to give it a name seems to suggest that the angels aren't terribly good with names. That, and that they only call each other by first names. None of the angels have a last name of any sort.

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