Saturday, May 17, 2014

Stairway to Heaven Review

Metatron's plan to turn Castiel's forces was really quite exquisite. He managed to get Castiel's forces, along with the other guy's forces, to join his own. I didn't think those suicide bombers were part of Metatron's forces. I thought they were an independent faction that had broken away from Castiel.

That interrogation in last week's episode foreshadowed a lot of the stuff in this week's story. The angel mentioned both secret forces and a portal to heaven. This week, we got see both what the secret force is doing and the former location of the portal. I think we were supposed to gather that the secret force was the one behind the suicide bombing, but that totally flew by me.

I like how the secret question to the hiding place of the portal was "why is six afraid of seven". Any old human could have gotten that, but most angels aren't well-versed in pop culture. Of course, a human couldn't have gotten in, because they couldn't see the question written in Enochian. Unless of course, they just happened to say "because seven eight nine". There were also the stereotypical razor blades in the wall, which was a nice touch.

I've been wondering why Metatron locked all the souls out of heaven. Did he have to lock everyone out in order to prevent the angels from going back in? The angels can't teleport anymore, so I don't think they could go back to heaven if they wanted to. It's also possible that he didn't realize he was locking everyone out of heaven. I doubt that, though. If he meant to close the pearly gates, it stands to reason that he knew he was closing them to everybody.

I have a sneaking suspicion that the portal to heaven isn't portable. Either that, or it used to be fixed but Metatron found a way to mobilize it. We've seen in the past that there's a door between Earth and purgatory. There's also at least one secret passageway between purgatory and hell. Neither of them were very mobile, so I doubt the back door to heaven is mobile either. One of two possibilities exist. Either Metatron used to information in the tablets to move it, or he's bluffing. I don't know whether he's bluffing about it's existence or the fact that it's portable. A third possibility is that he's bluffing that he knows where it is or can even use it. If it's anything like the door to purgatory, it may only be useful to humans. Angels may be unable to use it.

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