Thursday, July 31, 2014

Thanos Will Not Appear in Age of Ultron

Speaking to Comic Book Resources at Comic Con, MCU producer Kevin Feige revealed that Thanos will not be making an appearance in the second Avengers film.
Are we going to get any Thanos in "Avengers 2?" There was some of him in "Guardians in the Galaxy," and it was clear that when he gets a movie, it's going to be a big deal.

Right. I'm glad it feels that way. That's the idea. He's not a part of "Avengers 2."

Is that going to be part of the "Avengers 3" game plan?

I think Thanos kind of does what he wants, shows up where he wants to. And I'm not going to tell him otherwise, so you don't know exactly. Smirking at the end of the first "Avengers." But you know, we're still making "Avengers 2," so nothing's definitive one way or the other, actually.

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