Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Into the Dalek Review

I though this was an interesting combination of several past stories. It seemed to borrow elements from both Dalek and Invisible Enemy. In the latter, the 4th Doctor and Leela shrink down and climb inside the Doctor's brain (apparently they duplicate themselves). In the former, we have a Dalek chained up in a top secret base and it inevitably breaks out.

We got out first look at Danny a couple episodes early. Based on the information that was available prior to the leaks, I thought he wasn't going to appear until Listen. He does appear in that episode, but it seems we're going to see more of him than I thought. Character development is always good, especially since <SPOILERS>it seems he won't be making it past the finale</SPOILERS>.

Some people have been complaining about how it's too soon to bring the Daleks back. I've heard people complain that since they were in the 50th anniversary and Christmas special, they shouldn't be coming back so soon. The problem I have with that is that a) they weren't proper Dalek stories and b) practically every new series monster featured in The Time of the Doctor. With a whole battle fleet up there, it's hard to find a species that wasn't involved in that episode. Also, the last story that way solely about the Daleks was all the way back in Asylum of the Daleks two years ago. The Day of the Doctor was technically about the Zygons, while both had a pretty strong Time War theme.

I'm really not sure what the Doctor was expecting to happen when he fixed Rusty's radiation leak. Did he honestly think that Rusty would continue to be good? It seems that if the reason for the malfunction went away, Rusty should stop malfunctioning and become evil again. Which is precisely what happened. The Doctor was so set on proving that there was no such thing as a good Dalek that he didn't stop to consider the consequences if he turned out to be right.

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