Saturday, October 25, 2014

A Hen in the Wolf House Review

So of course Hydra is trying to weaponize the Obelisk. Why wouldn't they? They seem to be testing it in an ingestible form. Jemma pointed to a possible extinction level event, which could mean Hydra is planning on putting it in the water supply. I don't know why they would want to kill the entire species, though. Maybe they're planning on putting it in the water supply of one town as a demonstration. Then they would order the militaries of the world to surrender to them before they distribute it everywhere.

I don't get why Coulson didn't tell Jemma that Bobbi was a SHIELD agent. It probably would've helped her nerves a bit if she knew there was someone in there who had her back. If he was worried about her cracking under pressure and blowing Bobbi's cover, Bobbi seems more than capable of fending for herself. Not only that, but if anyone was interrogating her, it would probably be Bobbi, so what's the problem? Unless they brainwashed her, but Bobbi would get her out of there before that happened.

So Skye's an alien. That much was already obvious considering the only other explanations for her origins are Mutants and super-soldier experiments gone horribly wrong. Fox owns the rights to the former, so a Chinese super-soldier program is the only alternative. Skye doesn't seem to be juiced up, but then neither does Natasha and she has serum, too. Unless of course, Skye's parents were enhanced and the capabilities aren't inheritable. That would make sense since they're environmental and not genetic. My current preferred theory is that Skye is actually Ms. Marvel. However, that may be mostly because I want that character to happen.

If the symbols are indeed a map, then they're most likely a star map. Three possibilities exist for the scale of this map. It's probably a map of either the galaxy, the universe, or a route from Earth to wherever this thing originated. The smaller, more remote, possibilities are the multiverse, something subatomic, or time. Two of those would imply a level of knowledge rivaling the Time Lords or the Q Continuum, so I'm betting on subatomic. It's possible that this map is genetically programmed into the Guest House alien to guide it home. It would also be on the Obelisk in a "if found, return to" type of thing. Perhaps the species were exiled from their home long ago and programmed with a way to find it again should they have the means. This programming was somehow genetic and passed along to Coulson and Garrett when they took the serum. Skye already has it in her, but the gene hasn't been activated for some reason (Coulson and Garrett's human physiology activated the gene in the serum).

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