Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Face My Enemy Review

They said in this episode that there was another person out there who was carving the alien symbols. Assuming the symbols are Cree (as hypothesized by fans), then perhaps the carver is Carol Danvers. If this is true, is could act as Ms. Marvel's introduction to the Cinematic Universe and possibly a future movie appearance.

We finally got a Philinda episode. I know a lot of the fans (including myself) ship them, as do Clark Gregg and Ming Na-Wen. It appears even Hydra ships them, since Agent 33 accepted a date with Phil in May's place. Unfortunately, that was what tipped Phil off, since May apparently hates coffee. I don't know whether Phil meant coffee in general or going out with him for it, but I'm hoping for the former.

They actually had me thinking for a while there that Talbot was Hydra. I wasn't really expecting that mask technology to make an appearance. After May kicked "Talbot" and his face glitched, my first thought was that he was a life model decoy. I'm glad Hydra hasn't infiltrated that far into the government (that we know of). However, it may be a Hydra agent who's pushing him to get rid of SHIELD. If Talbot discovers he's been taking orders from Hydra this whole time, that may change his views of SHIELD.

Is it wrong that I'm worrying about Raina? She seems to be in a bit of trouble at the end of this episode. Maybe it's because I'm no longer sure if she's working for Hydra. Last season it was pretty clear that she was working for Centipede, but now she's taken to referring to Hydra in the third person. She may have more of an interest in superhumans, regardless of whose side they're working on. I'm also curious why the obelisk elected not to kill her. She must be special in some way, though maybe she's just especially evil.

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